Latest Releases from Robert D. Bolen, B.A.

"Drum and Hoofbeats”

This new book, "Drum and Hoofbeats" is a history of the horse coming to America from Northern Africa. It involves slavery and two rebellions.

Horses were in America early in time, but became extinct. The path of the horse via Spanish conquistadors was a long voyage to America by Cortez and Columbus.

The Comanche Indians played a role by transporting the horse north to what is now modern Idaho. "Drum and Hoofbeats" is a honest account of the horse reaching America.

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"Chief Joseph and the Indian Wars"

My new book, Chief Joseph and the Indian Wars covers most all of the major Plains Indian battles in the West. Chief Joseph was a brilliant warrior and major chief, who outwitted West Point generals. General Custer thought that he could outsmart Sioux Chief Sitting Bull and his 2,000 warriors and as we all know he lost. You can get your copy today!

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As always I thank you for your interest and support. I hope you will enjoy these two books and my many others as I share even more history of our Native Americans, their cultures and lives.

~~ Robb Bolen

About the Author ~ Robert D. Bolen, B.A.

Robert D. Bolen, B.A.

Born in Lexington, Nebraska, Robert Bolen, B. A. has a degree in Archeology/Anthropology. In Archeology class he was informed that, because of his features, the Mongolian Eye-fold, that he was part Indian.

In 1755, a Bolen ancestor was taken captive by Delaware Indians. She was later rescued with her baby daughter, Robb’s great, great, grandmother. At the time of rescue, the poor girl (just 17) was scalped but lived. The French scalp was the size of a silver dollar. Family says that she combed her hair hiding the scar and managed to live to be over one hundred years of age.

Bolens served under George Washington in the American Revolution. In 1777, the author’s ancestors erected Fort “Bolin” near Cross Creek, Pennsylvania for protection from Indian attacks. Two ancestors were killed in Kentucky by Shawnee Indians allied to the British.

Great granddad Gilbert Bolen rode with the Ohio Fourth Cavalry in the Civil War under General Sherman. In 1866, he brought his wife and six children west to Nebraska in a Conestoga wagon. Granddad Denver Colorado Bolen knew Buffalo Bill Cody in western Nebraska.

Bolen is an authority on Indian artifacts and trade beads. Robb and Dori Bolen reside in Nampa, near Boise, Idaho.

Robb owns the website, Fort Boise Bead

Photo ~ The author explores inside of a 19th Century stone house in southeastern Oregon.

Sunset Colorburst

This photo by the author, entitled "SUNSET COLORBURST", won national contest, is on the Internet and has been used in a book.

While in Denver in 1964 a fellow asked me to room with him in an old chauffeur's quarters.

I did not know until later that he was the legendary Bob Dylan, incognito.

I am standing behind him on the album cover.